WORK Gallery’s Final Event at the Red Tin Shack
Reception and TRUCKS III October 21st, 2011
Dear Friends,
It is with great pleasure and some sadness that I announce THE VOYAGE WITHIN, the final exhibition of WORK Gallery in the hallowed Red Tin Shack. On Saturday, October 15, from 7 -12pm, the gallery will host our last opening at The Red Tin Shack. We will be keeping the gallery open throughout the week of October 17th and will be having a Closing Reception on Friday October 21st at 7PM to bid the shack farewell. In keeping with the spirit of the space, we will showcase a select group of artists who’ve contributed to the gallery’s success over the last five years. Current gallery director Eric Ayotte will premier two extraordinary new paintings that you really should see. Filmmaker and rabble-rouser Jessie Stead will curate the final installment of DRIVE-IN, our very own unauthorized outdoor film and video projection party in the parking lot across the street. Lisa di Donato, a current gallery director, will be showing one of her large scale photographs titled Playground, and an artist from the very first show at WORK, Ryan O’Conner will be exhibiting a piece titled Riot Chair along with a few other artist’s surprises. It is also my distinct honor to present works on paper by the gallery’s co-founder, the late Emily Driscoll, whose vision and dedication brought WORK Gallery into being.
Its hard to believe its been almost five years since we discovered the sanguine shack at the corner of Union and Van Brunt. From the very first exhibition – Maiden Voyage Champagne Party – we made it the gallery’s mission to cultivate a community of friends and neighbors in the service of creativity and camaraderie. As our mission statement from those first days stated: “WORK and our artists exchange and impart our ideas democratically, seeking to utilize the space in the dissolution of barriers. In a time and place where many are searching for more and bigger, WORK is committed to bringing important matters of culture into close circles, for critical discussion and reflection.” That was our language then, as it is today. Now, with more than 60+ exhibitions and performances by literally hundreds of young and talented and hungry artists behind us, we stand proudly by our achievements, with eyes still scanning the horizon for what’s next. And though the acute tinge of Emily’s absence percolates through the space and its visitors, we are all assured that we are better having known her, and that the endeavors of the gallery since her passing have been in the service of this original vision. So please, join us on this Saturday night for one final voyage and the following Friday to close, within, without and beyond.
Very truly yours,
Walker Waugh
Co-founder WORK Gallery
WORK is please to announce TRUCKS III the final event in a series of curated video presentations and art installations exhibiting through the 2011 Summer and Fall Season @ the Red Tin Shack. TRUCKS is inspired by the DRIVE IN series as presented by Jessie Stead and involves multiple projections on the side of trucks parked adjacent to the gallery in Red Hook. In our third and final installment we will be showing works by long term contributors as well as a new artist working in the experimental film industry, Stephen Reed. All of our videos have been selected in the name of keeping things intellectually engaging, fresh, fun and sexy on our last night out.
Untitled from on Vimeo.

Vertigo from on Vimeo.

Spaceballs: The Remix from Eric Corriel on Vimeo.

Untitled from eric ayotte on Vimeo.