Leah Beeferman, Jon Meyer, Yusuke Nishimura
December 12th – January 21st, 2011
The feeling that we are in direct control of our lives, have the ability to regulate our actions and environment is central to the concept of self. But, how much control do we really have? As we impose greater societal restrictions, as scientific knowledge expands – there is an increasing belief that lives can be mapped, obstacles avoided. Despite this need for control there is an equal and opposite desire for life to be guided by a broader outside force.
“Error, Fate, Chance” plays with notions of control and the governing forces which may lead to a deviated or predicted outcome, or an outcome mired in ambiguity. The artists of “Error, Fate, Chance” explore these concepts through a unifying framework of science. By embracing methods of experimentation and observation each addresses and embraces the limits of “control”.
With “Journeys into the Unknown…”, Leah Beeferman juxtaposes the symbolic with the physical, thus illustrating a constant process of revelation, revision and refinement. The result as dynamic and emotional as it is resonant and powerful.
Through the seemingly haphazard depiction of a shotgun blast, Jon Meyer creates the template for a drawing subjected to an algorithmic construction of the longest path between points. The resulting image, reminiscent of particles in a collider, attempts to come to terms with violence, disorder, and randomness.
Yusuke Nishimura’s ghostly photographs arrest the dispersal patterns of paint in water. Through the act of dripping paint into water, Nishimura acts as an external force which once released evolves beyond control. Represented by the potential of paint to become a painting, fate is conceived as a process of becoming; a state of simply being. The result is a mix of error, fate and chance when it bisects with the control exerted by humans.

 Jon Meyer, The longest journey   between 50 points, as fast as u can 
 Jon Meyer, The longest distance   between 50 points, as fast as u can 
 Jon Meyer, The longest distance   between 50 points, as fast as u can 
 Leah Beeferman    Journeys into the Unknown… 
 Leah Beeferman    Journeys into the Unknown… 
 Leah Beeferman   Journeys into the Unknown… Detail 
 Journeys into the Unknown… Detail     
 Yusuke Nishimura   Red-0507, C Print 
 Yusuke Nishimura   Yellow-0509, C Print 
 Yusuke Nishimura   Blue-0507