Curated by Gerard Hemsworth of Goldsmiths College, London
Produced by Michael Sellinger of Cottelston Advisors, New York
Artists: Eric Ayotte / Diann Bauer / Amanda Beech / G. L. Brierley /
Justin Brown / Pil and Galia Kollectiv / Lindsay Seers / Shaan Syed /
Systems House
Following the success of the 2006 edition, White Box now presents the Goldsmiths College artists' exhibit as part of its annual international exhibition program. The undergraduate and graduate national and local art student shows the New York art world has witnessed these past few years have been notoriously lackluster. The absence of creative criteria, aside from the usual late day art market considerations, these shows have demonstrated and at the same time opened the critical context regarding the merit of students' exhibits. It is clear that Goldsmiths’ selection process has proven and given the art world consistently one after another generation of the best and most outstanding young artists. The Goldsmiths candidate art students come from all over the world and all have specifically chosen Goldsmiths as their preferred training ground and London as their international art hub.
This year White Box presents its 2nd annual Goldsmiths College show, FOREIGN BODY(ies) by bringing the best and most outstanding 2007 selection of emerging artists to New York.
While it is well known that Goldsmiths is one of the most competitive and renowned Art Practice Programs in the world, and its alumni are critically center stage and have set the pace around the world, very few actually exhibit in New York. Goldsmiths complements White Box's mission to exhibit emerging, underrepresented, challenging and thought-provoking artists from around the world and White Box is therefore pleased to once again show their contributions and fresh and talented views to its New York art audiences.
The title FOREIGN BODY(ies) echoes current critical ideas regarding 'originality' and with foreign body(ies) questioning our assumptions of art and its cultural significance. The exhibition will include installations by artists working in painting, sculpture, photography and video. For the majority of the artists, this will be the first time their work will be exposed in New York, making this a must-see show for the art world.
FOREIGN BODY(ies) was produced by Cottelston Advisors,



Justin Brown  

G. L. Brierley  

Eric Ayotte Forensic Painting, 2007

Shaan Syed